Andreas Benedictow

Deputy Head

Contact information:

Tel. +47 97 01 32 72

Email: andreas.benedictow[at]

Research interests:

House price forecasting, housing supply, macroeconomics

Andreas is Deputy Head at Housing Lab and Chief economist at Samfunnsøkonomisk analyse AS. He previously worked as Researcher at Statistics Norway and Economist at Norges Bank.

Benedictow, A. and R. Hammersland (2023): “Transition of a petroleum economy”, Economic Modelling, Volume 128, November 2023.

Benedictow, A., A. Kordt og R. Nymoen (2022): Naturlig ledighet og den norske modellen for lønnsdannelse. Artikkel i Samfunnsøkonomen Nr. 3 2022.

Benedictow, A. and P. Boug (2021): Exact and inexact decompositions of trade price indices. Empirical Economics 277 (2021).

Benedictow, A. and R. Hammersland (2020): A financial accelerator in the business sector of a macro econometric model of a small open economy, Economic Systems, 44 (2020) 100731.

Benedictow, A. and P. Boug (2017): Calculating the real return on a sovereign wealth fund, Canadian Journal of Economics, 50 (2), pp. 571-594

Benedictow, A., D. Fjærtoft, and O. Løfsnæs (2013): Oil dependence of the Russian economy: an econometric analysis, Economic Modelling, 32, pp. 400-428

Benedictow, A. and P. Boug (2013): Trade liberalisation and exchange rate pass-through: the case of textiles and wearing apparels, Empirical Economics, 45 (2), pp. 757-788

Working papers

Anundsen, A. K., Benedictow, A., E. Røed Larsen and M. Walbækken (2022): Bidding behavior in the housing market. Housing Lab Working Paper 1-2022, OsloMet.

Benedictow, A., E. Røed Larsen and D. M. Sundelius (2020): The Housing Phillips Curve. Housing Lab Working Paper Series 2020-2

Work in progress

Estimating a housing Phillips curve: Evidence from Norway (with Dag Martin Sundelius and Erling Røed Larsen)

Linking housing Tobin’s Q to land prices (with Nini Barth and Erling Røed Larsen)

The impact on housing prices of local facilitation of housing construction (with André K. Anundsen, Amund Kordt, Marte Marie Frisell and Erling Røed Larsen).

Measuring the price of land – The tear down index (with Nini Barth and Erling Røed Larsen).