Housing Lab is a research center in housing economics at Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet). The center is part of OsloMet’s Center for welfare and labor research. The center receives financial support from the Norwegian Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Local Government and Modernization. The center also receives financial support from Selvaag Bolig, SpareBank 1 and OBOS.

The center aims at conducting research of top international quality. Topics cover both micro and macro aspects of the housing market. Our researchers take a special interest in studying the housing market at a highly granular resolution (temporally and spatially), financial stability issues, and the supply side of the housing market.

The center seeks to stimulate interest in and knowledge about the Norwegian market through research, popularization, and work-shops. It also seeks to become a meeting place for individuals and organizations with an interest in the housing market. The center actively participates in discussions with policymakers, academics, banks, realtors, and construction firms.

Contact details:

Housing Lab, Oslo Metropolitan University
Holbergsgate 1, 7th floor
NO-0167 Oslo

Erling Røed Larsen (erling.roed.larsen@oslomet.no), Head of Research

André K. Anundsen (andre.kallak-anundsen@oslomet.no), Deputy Head of Research