The research at Housing Lab is focused on both micro and macro aspects of the housing market. Housing Lab has both full-time researchers, affiliated researchers, Post-docs, PhD students and master students. You can read more about the people at Housing Lab by clicking on the names below.


Erling Røed Larsen
Head of Housing Lab

André Kallåk Anundsen
Deputy Head of Housing Lab

Cloé Garnache
Associate Professor

Nini Barth
Ph.D. Candidate

Jeanette Fjære-Lindkjenn
Ph.D. Candidate

Andreas E. Eriksen
Ph.D. Candidate

Part-time and Affiliated Researchers

Andreas Benedictow
Research Fellow

Erlend Eide Bø
Research Fellow

Plamen T. Nenov
Researcher I

Mari O. Mamre
Affiliated Ph.D. Candidate

Master students

Current student:

Previous students:

Stian Lien and Robin Antonsen (2022), Oslo Metropolitan University: Quick Clay Landslides and House Prices.

Margrethe Gautesen and Stinius August Kristoffersen (2021), Oslo Metropolitan University: Macroprudential Policies and Housing Prices in Oslo .

Balázs Márton Vághy (2020), University of Oslo: Optimal Bidding Strategies in the Norwegian Housing Market .

Andreas Eriksen (2020), University of Oslo: Loss aversion in the Norwegian housing market.

Andria Almoghayer Rohin and Sigrid-Amalie Romestrand (2020), Oslo Metropolitan University: Are there signs of regional house price bubbles in Norway?

Sara Midtgaard (2019), University of Oslo: The Effect of Monetary Policy on Norwegian Housing Prices: An Empirical Analysis.