Plamen T. Nenov

Research Fellow II

Contact information:

Tel.+47 41 39 33 54

Research interests:

Macro-finance, Housing Economics, Banking, Labor Economics

Personal website:

Information Quality and Regime Change: Evidence from the Lab (with Leif Helland, Felipe Iachan,
and Ragnar Juelsrud). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2021). 191. 538-554.

Stock Market Wealth and the Real Economy: A Local Labor Market Approach (with Gabriel
Chodorow-Reich and Alp Simsek), American Economic Review (2021). 111-5. 1613-57.

The Choice Channel of Financial Innovation (with Felipe Iachan and Alp Simsek), American
Economic Journal: Macroeconomics (2021). 13-2. 333-72.

Buying First of Selling First in Housing Markets (with Espen R. Moen and Florian Sniekers)
Journal of the European Economic Association (2021). 19-1. 38-81.

Working papers and Work in progress

Transaction Sequencing and House Price Pressures” (with Morten Grindaker, Artashes Karapetyan,
and Espen R. Moen) (Reject and Resubmit at Journal of Financial Economics).

Match Quality and House Price Dispersion: Evidence from Norwegian Housing Auctions” (with
André K. Anundsen, Arne Lyshol, and Erling Røed Larsen).