Jeanette Fjære-Lindkjenn

Ph.D. Candidate

Contact information:

Tel. +47 92 03 70 11

Email: jeasf[at]

Research interests:

Housing, macroprudential policy, macroeconomics, monetary policy

Jeanette is a Ph.D. Candidate at Housing Lab and a member of the Monetary Policy and Financial Stability Committee at Norges Bank. Before joining Housing Lab she worked as a macroeconomist at DNB Markets and as an economist at Norges Bank. She obtained her Master in Economics and Econometrics at the University of Oslo in 2014.

She will mainly work on topics related to the housing market, macroprudential policy, monetary policy and macroeconomics.

Working papers

Work in progress

Limiting debt to income: Household adaptation and avoidance

Don’t rush it: Can delaying housing auctions
improve matching?

From boom to bust: Predicting turning points in house prices (with Nini Barth)